Structure & Getting Started

Setting up any business represents an enormous challenge, but a family business 
requires even more care, attention and planning to ensure that from its very inception the company structure is right and benefits all family members that it needs to. CIG Family Business Consulting can help you avoid the pitfalls of setting up a family business. From day one it is important to see the big picture and look forward to 
where the business can go and set clearly defined goals. This is vital and in a family business even more so.

Every family member will have high hopes and expectations but the only way any business can succeed is by constantly reviewing and updating any business plans. It is also essential that the business sets clearly defined goals as it is the only way for it to move forward. From the outset every member of the family whether they are acting as a shareholder, a stakeholder, or as a working member of the business must make it clear what they expect out of it. CIG Family Business Consulting can help overcome the emotional and often subjective problems that occur in setting up a family business.

This means that the company sets off on the right footing, with everybody aware of their roles, responsibilities and what they are directly accountable for. As the business moves forward CIG Family Business Consulting can ensure that the business runs smoothly and can provide the impartiality that is absolutely essential when family members are working with each other.

Make no mistake any business starting up will encounter problems and with family members involved these can be multiplied and exaggerated; particularly if the company's structure is not properly documented from the word go.