Problem Solving and Mediation

Every business encounters problems, but in a family business often with emotions running high these problems can escalate and damage the Company. CIG Family Business Consulting can help to anticipate and a mitigate problems, before they start becoming major or significant issues. Problems within families can also be very detrimental to other members of staff who are not family members. CIG Family Business Consulting will use our expertise to iron out problems, maintain high staff morale and also keep the business focused and prevent problems from escalating.

CIG Family Business Consulting will give your business that extra added guidance whenever problems arise. Firstly as a listening ear and then advising, helping and implementing actions that will be required to resolve any issues. CIG Family Business Consulting will help you sort out your problems, whatever the companies size or sector and we will take the pressure off you allowing you to look at problem solving in a different light. Very often family members fall out, sometimes over something that is probably very insignificant.

By using CIG Family Business Consulting and with our wealth of mediation training we can help resolve these disputes before they get out of hand. With our years of experience can actually help family members to solve problems themselves in a clear and concise fashion. In today’s changing world and with increased employment legislation dealing with
problem employees - whether they be family members or not, can be very time consuming, particularly stressful and sometimes unbelievably expensive. CIG Family Business Consulting will offer you expertise, guidance and extreme comfort in
dealing with these potentially very difficult situations.