Succession Planning

Probably the biggest issue facing any family business is the timing and
implementation of Succession Planning. CIG Family Business Consulting can help steer you 
through this minefield to make the process smooth, pain free and allow the business
 to continue to grow and succeed. For many reasons Succession Planning can cause immense disruption to any
organisation, emotions can run very high and if succession planning is not taken
care of correctly there can be disastrous consequences.

CIG Family Business Consulting can take the emotion out of the situation, can give unbiased and professional advice to each
family member and therefore make the Succession Planning process smooth and pain
free. It is never easy for a senior member of the family to relinquish the control that they
may have had for many years. CIG Family Business Consulting with professional, impartial input can resolve the major issues of how a business deals with this vital and
so often subjective issue.

Very often when a business has reached a certain level where its existing infrastructure and management quality limit growth; major changes are often required to take the business into unchartered waters. This in turn may well lead to non-family members being brought in at senior board level which can cause resentment amongst other family members. CIG Family Business Consulting can help advise you through this very often complicated and exhaustive
process having had significant experience in this field.